M :: M () M, the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet, is a vocal consonant, and from the manner of its formation, is called the labio-nasal consonant. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 178-180, 242..
M :: M () As a numeral, M stands for one thousand, both in English and Latin..
M :: M (n.) A quadrat, the face or top of which is a perfect square; also, the size of such a square in any given size of type, used as the unit of measurement for that type: 500 m's of pica would be a piece of matter whose length and breadth in pica m's multiplied together produce that number..
M :: M (n.) A brand or stigma, having the shape of an M, formerly impressed on one convicted of manslaughter and admitted to the benefit of clergy..
Ma :: Ma (n.) A child's word for mother.
Ma :: Ma (n.) In Oriental countries, a respectful form of address given to a woman; mother..
Ma :: Ma (conj.) But; -- used in cautionary phrases; as, Vivace, ma non troppo presto (i. e., lively, but not too quick)..
Maa :: Maa (n.) The common European gull (Larus canus); -- called also mar. See New, a gull..
Maad :: Maad (p. p.) Made.
Maalin :: Maalin (n.) The sparrow hawk.
Maalin :: Maalin (n.) The kestrel.
Ma''am :: Ma'am (n.) Madam; my lady; -- a colloquial contraction of madam often used in direct address, and sometimes as an appellation..
Maara Shell :: Maara shell () A large, pearly, spiral, marine shell (Turbo margaritaceus), from the Pacific Islands. It is used as an ornament..
Maasha :: Maasha (n.) An East Indian coin, of about one tenth of the weight of a rupee..
Maat :: Maat (a.) Dejected; sorrowful; downcast.
Mad :: Mad (n.) A slattern.
Mad :: Mad (n.) The name of a female fairy, esp. the queen of the fairies; and hence, sometimes, any fairy..
Mabble :: Mabble (v. t.) To wrap up.
Mabby :: Mabby (n.) A spirituous liquor or drink distilled from potatoes; -- used in the Barbadoes.
Mabolo :: Mabolo (n.) A kind of persimmon tree (Diospyros discolor) from the Philippine Islands, now introduced into the East and West Indies. It bears an edible fruit as large as a quince..
Mac :: Mac () A prefix, in names of Scotch origin, signifying son..
Macaco :: Macaco (n.) Any one of several species of lemurs, as the ruffed lemur (Lemur macaco), and the ring-tailed lemur (L. catta)..
Macacus :: Macacus (n.) A genus of monkeys, found in Asia and the East Indies. They have short tails and prominent eyebrows..
Macadamization :: Macadamization (n.) The process or act of macadamizing.
Macadamized :: Macadamized (imp. & p. p.) of Macadamiz.
Macadamizing :: Macadamizing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Macadamiz.
Macadamize :: Macadamize (v. t.) To cover, as a road, or street, with small, broken stones, so as to form a smooth, hard, convex surface..
Maoadam Road :: Maoadam road () A macadamized road.
Macao :: Macao (n.) A macaw.
Macaque :: Macaque (n.) Any one of several species of short-tailed monkeys of the genus Macacus; as, M. maurus, the moor macaque of the East Indies..
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